Neon Signs

Custom-made Neon Signs for Your Storefront

If you want your business to have a nostalgic, retro aesthetic, neon signs are the right option for you. Commonly used by diners, bars, and club venues, neon signs are for any kind of business. These signs use neon and argon to create a luminous glow and add a touch of fun to your business building. Neon signs use electric currents to increase the movement and energy of atoms within glass tubes. As a result, they create a source of light. Here’s some ideas for neon signs to get you started.

Types of Neon Signs

Neon Letters

Neon letter signs are commonly used for company names and “Open” signs. If you want your business’s name to shine bright at night, you can choose a neon sign with block letters, cursive, or virtually any other font. Even if your current storefront sign uses a different style, you can create a neon “Open” sign to create an accent that will stand out on a dimly lit street.

Neon Art

Neon art signs can be used for a company logo, either as your main business storefront sign or an additional sign to attract attention. This helps you stand out and add a creative touch to your business’s branding visuals.

LED Flex Signs

Similar to traditional neon signs, LED flex signs are an alternative that can provide better light distribution. They use flexible PVC casing and are known for being impact-resistant. This durable option is almost impossible to tell apart from neon fixtures.

Personalized Neon Signs

What we offer

At Corporate Signs Inc., we fulfill your signage needs by taking care of the permit process and creating signs personalized for your brand. Our neon signs are among the best, and we’ve worked with small businesses and larger enterprises to create eye-catching signage.

How it works

All you have to do is contact us at Corporate Signs Inc., and give us some basic information about your signage wants and needs. We’ll work together to create the specifications and give you a timeline to let you know when it will be complete.

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