Channel Letter Signs

Outdoor Lighted Business Signs for Your Corporate Building

Make your brand name pop with our channel letters. Our bold, eye-catching channel letter signs are designed to be seen by customers and passersby from dusk until dawn. While online branding is important, it’s the physical space of your business or store that really gives you an identity. Top businesses choose channel letter signs for their professional design and stopping power. Remind your customers where you are and attract new ones constantly with our efficient turnaround, affordable prices, and customizable options.

Custom Metal Letters for Signs

LED Letters

Metal channel letters are the most durable option. They can be either cast or cut depending on your preference. Each letter has a letter can backing, painted and filled with LED modules; we also offer neon gas lighting upon request. They usually have an acrylic finish, but letters can be painted to appear black in the daytime and colorful at night. We offer metal letters in

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass

Reverse Channel Letters / Halo-Lit Signs

LED Letters

Reverse channel letters, also called halo-lit signs, appear black with a defined backlighting. The letter face is aluminum and at night, the negative space creates a glowing effect. These letters are mounted away from the wall and look best on white and/or matte buildings. This channel letter choice is known for its subtle and distinguished appearance.

Exposed Neon Channel Letters

Neon Lighted Letters

These letters are not made from metal, and instead consist of exposed neon with an acrylic finish. Exposed neon channel letters can add a retro look to your building, so they’re great for vintage shops, old-fashioned diners, or other venues with a stylishly dated feel. Since there is no metal, they are more easily shaped into fun and creative fonts.

Formed Plastic Letters

Low Voltage LED Letters

These plastic letters are the most affordable choice, and they’re also the easiest to install. They are made from durable CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) plastic and withstand the weather easily. Since they cannot be backlit and lighting options are more limited, these lettering choices are a great option for buildings in semi-lit or well-lit locations.

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