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Why is a Sign Important to Your Business?

You’ve worked hard on a business idea, found funding, and created a popular business with a sizeable following. 

That means that people know who you are, right? 

Not really! 

Your customers and loyal fan base may know about you and your products, but for your business to achieve more substantial growth, you need the customer base to grow, and there’s a limit on what word of mouth can do for you.

A business sign is a vital part of any successful business. It not only draws attention to your business, but it also differentiates your establishment from other competitors. 

Did you know that a business sign can elevate impulsive purchasing behavior from passing customers? 

Combine that with a special offer display, and you’ll attract people off the street who can easily be converted into sales. 

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Here are five other ways a business sign is vital to your business:

It’s a salesperson

Your business sign is an inanimate salesperson for your company. 

When you use a sign as part of a marketing strategy, you should include a sales pitch as a message on the signage. 

For example, you can advertise an ongoing or forthcoming promotion or special event. Since the sign is up 24/7 and 365 days, it’s a continuous promotional tactic to help your services or products reach hundreds if not thousands of potential customers passing by daily. 

The best part is that it’s more affordable than radio or TV advertisement methods.

Grabs attention

A business sign grabs the attention of passengers who usually don’t pay much attention to your products or services. In addition to that, it instantly communicates the core value of your business. Because consumers have a short attention span, having a catchy and prominent sign can get their attention, and simultaneously invite them to sample your products.

Creates a lasting impression

Since a business sign gives the first impression of the company, consider this as a chance to present your business to the world. Therefore, it’s essential to determine how you would like the world to see your business

Clear, concise, and professional wordings, along with striking colors, are elements that should be incorporated in the sign to tell the world that you are open for business.

The objective is to use the sign to sell your brand and influence the customer’s emotions.

Separate from the competition

Tools like market research analysis, demographic information, and industry trends can help you find out which market is saturated, so you will not use it in your product or service. 

Knowing your competition is only half the battle. The other half is to differentiate yourself from them, and the best way to do that is with a creative sign. Use the signage to reflect your unique values and offers, and to tell potential clients why you’re better than the guy down the street.

Maintains loyal customers 

Customers are attracted by brands that are visible and deliver exactly what they promise. 

A sign makes your business visible so that customers not only find you but can also direct referrals to you effectively. 

The more visible your company sign is, the more familiar it grows with customers and instills a sense of loyalty and trust. 

Are you thinking about buying a new family car like a Toyota? Well, it only makes sense after seeing a Toyota signage en route to your workplace every morning. This brand has built its reputation over the years, not by word of mouth, but by using paid advertisement and their business signage. 

Chances are you’ll stop by their showroom to check out their offerings, and because of the convenient location and affordable prices, you will most likely to purchase a car from them. The Toyota business sign is effective at alerting people of their presence, and when the opportunity presents itself, they know exactly where to buy a new car. 

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How to Create an Effective Business Sign

  • Use big fonts

The objective of the sign is to focus on practicality rather than outer appearance. Big letters and fonts are visible from afar and ensure that the message gets across to the customers. It’s vital to avoid calligraphy with thin, elegant strokes; instead, you should go for the thick, bold letters. 

  • Simplify the message

Don’t put too much information on the sign; keep it short and simple. It needs to remain visible and organized with plenty of white spaces. Avoid jargon and complex language; instead, you should emphasize on simple language that gets the message across faster. It’s advisable to pick one main message that conveys your business. If you’re using the signage to advertise your promotions or offers, then consider leaving the promotion information on for at least 4-6 weeks.

  • Create contrast

Ensure that the colors you are using will highlight the contrast to guarantee that the words on the sign are noticeable. If the words are in a light font, consider using a darker background so that they are more visible. Keep in mind that Matte letters are more legible than glossy words where the lights can reflect off the words making it hard to read. However, it’s okay to use glossy pictures.

  • Adequate size

A small sign can be insignificant and easily overlooked. A huge sign may look out of place and become an eyesore in the neighborhood, mainly if your business is located in a residential area. Try to strike a balance between the two and find a middle ground where the sign is not too obnoxiously big, but also not too small that it gets lost in the crowd. You also want to find a clear area to erect the sign so that it’s not competing with others.

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Take home message

The business world has become defined by technology and its fast-moving pace. However, in the sea of technology, signage has remained one of the best traditional forms of promoting a business. Just know that this trend isn’t going anywhere for awhile, so check out Corporate Signs Inc to use this advertisement modality to the max.

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