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Types of Signage for Business

As a business owner, you know the importance that signage plays in your marketing brand-building endeavors.

Without signage, your business is just another company your prospects pass by on their way to work. With signage, your business is a brand that can fill all the needs that your prospects have within your industry.

It’s all about the brand recall, baby!

However, you shouldn’t just go out buying as much signage as you can find. The strategy needs to be a bit more focused than that. When you’re looking for signs to put up for your brand, there are plenty of options available. While each one serves a particular purpose, it’s important to know which one will be good for your business based on the category. Regardless of whether you want the sign to promote your brand or provide crucial information about your products or services, knowing the different types of signage available is the first step.

Here are the different types of signage for businesses that your company can use to get ahead in the marketplace.

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Types of Signs

Whether you’ve ever considered it or not, there are several types of signs that your company can have at its disposal. Each one comes with a bevy of perks that your business can build its brand around. 

Before we get into the more detailed categories of signage, it’s vital to know the primary types that exist. Here are a few different types of signs to start the brainstorming in your head!

Exterior Signage (Brand Name, Open Sign)

Not only do they serve as one of the most effective ways of advertising, but they also provide your business with the necessary amount of exposure. They can either be placed outside the location of your store or in spots where they will gain maximum attention. The argument can be made that external signage is the most important piece of signage for your business.

Because of that, you’ll want to team up with an innovative signage solutions company for your outdoor sign(s).

It’s the first thing your future customers see about your company. Fair or unfair, they may decide whether or not to further inquire about your services strictly based on the impression they get from the signs outside your offices.

Flaunt your brand name loud and proud for all prospects that walk or drive by it. If they see it and start to recognize it, then the sign will either draw them into your store or at least prompt them to check out your website.

Just as important as the brand name exterior sign is the open sign that you choose for your business. Purchase one that’s high quality and is large enough for people to see it shining from their parking spot.

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Interior Signage

Alt text: A neon sign inside of a cafe.

The second type of signage are indoor signs. These are, as the name suggests, placed within the location of your business. They can either provide general information about your company or focus on specific aspects about your store. Some of these are persuasive signs, which aid in accelerating the advertising side of your business by persuading and convincing customers to check out you brand and buy from you.

Informational Signage

Informational signage serves the exact purpose that its name implies: to provide your customers with convenience by laying out details for them. These are signs that aren’t always created for promotional purposes, and rather exist to provide information to customers.

These details could be anything from directions to the store, the mall or business parks’ layout, arrows to your different departments, etc.

All of these signs should grant the customer as much information as they need with as few words as possible. List out too many directions and the client won’t bother to read it. List out too few and you risk the client getting confused or lost.

Informational signage will give off an impression to your customers that your brand is organized. You want to create as little inconvenience for them as possible. That effort won’t go unnoticed by them.

Styles of Signs

Now that you know the types of signs, it’s time to focus on the styles that you’ll use for that exterior and informational signage.

Here’s a list of a few different sign styles that you might want to include in your signage efforts.

Channel Letters

Channel letters stand out to clients by having each letter pop out from the building with (plastic or metal) lettering that is custom made. They give a three-dimensional aspect to the sign.

You can make the sign stand out even further with illumination behind each channel letter, and many companies choose to do so in order to stand out at night.

This style of signage will catch people’s eyes and cause them to take second glances. It gives your company an innovative and sleek impression to those that see it. Build a channel letter sign with Corporate Signs right here.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are exterior signs that are illuminated from the inside, with your company’s logo printed on the outside.

This guarantees that your sign will be easy to read during the day and night. Not only that, but they’re known to be incredibly durable and allow for customization.

Simply mount these to the front of your store and have a sign that attracts your customers for years to come! Find out how to design a cabinet sign with us here.

Neon Signs

Alt text: A neon sign lights up at night.

Looking for a way to separate your company’s sign from all the others in the strip mall or business park you’re in? A neon sign could be your answer!

Not only will your sign stand out through the day and night, but it will also add a lively aspect to your brand that other sign styles can’t match.

Take your neon signage a bit further using color psychology in the neon color(s) that you choose to use in your sign! You can get a neon sign at Corporate Signs, Inc.

LED Lighted Signs

Not to be confused with LED signs, LED Lighted Signs are signs with a plastic covering that is lighted internally.

These are used to represent a certain professional or innovative look that some companies hope to capture with their brand. 

For example, if you’re looking for an exterior sign that shows off your five-star restaurant, then an LED lighted sign would be a better choice than an option like a neon sign.

The LED lights will give your company name a beautiful glow that’s easy on the eyes (and impressions) of your clients.

Where to Mount Signs

Wall Signs

Wall signs serve a plethora of purposes. You can choose to put them both inside or outside your business. They can hold any sort of information on them, beginning from promoting a new line of products and your tagline, to throwing the spotlight on your brand ambassador or just showcasing the name of your business.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can even light them in whichever way you want, be it from the inside or the outside, or even by placing little lights around the sign. Wall signs are also customizable, and you can choose graphics and messages based on how you want the design to reflect your brand.

Floor and Window Graphics

Signage that comes under the window and floor graphics category is basically a big box of options. Whenever you come across a sticker or decal located on the floor or windows of a store, those are the window and floor graphics, and they, too, are eclectic in the advertisement they help provide.

While the floor graphics are placed inside the store, the window graphics can be placed both inside and outside. From promotions, discounts, and special offers, to a sign showing your brand’s logo, the designs and colors of these graphics aid in bringing customers to your store. These graphics are customizable, cost-effective, and help in providing a wide variety of information about your store to customers both old and new.

Vehicle Graphics

When you want to branch out and have signs that go beyond the physical location of your store, that’s when vehicle graphics come in handy. This entails turning your own vehicle or any other mode of transportation into a mobile billboard of your brand. 

The vehicle can be of your choice, be it a bus, train, or even private transportation. This allows anyone on the road walking, commuting, or stuck in traffic to view your brand and learn about it. All you need to do is purchase and book your spot on a vehicle, design the sign however you want, stick it on the vehicle, and you will be good to go.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are also known as A-frame signs, and are often regarded as the best kind of portable signage your business can have. Based on the message you wish to put up, you can either pick a sign that’s one-sided, two-sided, made of a particular material, and so on. These signs can be placed inside or outside your store, as per your choice. They can contain information about new products, offers, discounts, and the like.

Signage for Business: Find the Sign That Best Fits Your Brand

Alt text: A sign in front of a store at night.

Now that you’ve seen your signage for business options, it’s time to brainstorm which style would best fit your need for exterior and informational signage.

Be sure to read this article on how much an outdoor sign costs for more details on what you should expect to spend for your ideal sign.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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