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How to Attract More Customers to Your Business with Your Storefront

It can be frustrating to see customers passing by your store but not coming in for a purchase. The worst part is spending a lot of money on advertisements without reaping any profit. This is a common dilemma that a lot of business owners often face. 

While online marketing can also be a helpful strategy, the physical appearance of your storefront is equally (if not more) important. That’s because it’s the first thing your customers will see. Since first impressions leave a lasting mark, your storefront says a lot about your business.

At Corporate Signs, we create high-quality, visually striking signs that will draw customers in. Here are some of our tips to creating an appealing storefront.

Create a Memorable Sign

A business can get more customers by making the storefront more attractive with a memorable sign. It should be easy for the customers to find the store, so the signage should be bold, easy to see, and pertinent to the brand. You can use neon signs, channel letters, frame signs, and much more, all available at Corporate Signs. That is why it’s essential to invest in a corporate sign to showcase the brand and to attract potential customers.

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Use a Creative Window Display

The window display should clearly show off your best products so that window shoppers can get information without walking in. It is advisable to display the most attractive items available in the window display so that onlookers know what you sell and why they should buy it.

Keep Storefront Freshly Painted

The storefront should be well-lit, safe, freshly-painted, and clean. If the signs look too old or rusty, then it’s vital to get a new one. Sometimes the paint can dull out from the weather and environment, so it is vital to keep the storefront and sign freshly painted. You can also create a lounge where customers, their associates, and others can rest during their shopping adventures. This resting spot can offer a great way to attract new customers.  

Decorate Walls

Nowadays, people love posting their weekend shopping adventures on social media. If they see an attractive location, they’d jump at the chance to snap a pic for Instagram. The best strategy is to make the storefront photo-ready without being over-the-top or off-brand.

For example, some people might have flowery decorations or colorful accents painted. They might even have a mural with a space in the center so that social media enthusiast can frame themselves for a picture.

When you decorate the walls creatively, you can draw in passersby on location while also creating an organic, powerful advertising tool for social media. After all, a selfie does not come to life until it is posted on Facebook or Instagram. Just imagine how much your store will explode in profit and sales.

Advertise Perks

If your store has free WiFi, sales, coupons, and discounts, then use a sign to advertise them. You want customers to know all the great amenities and features in your store, whether it’s high-speed internet at a coffee shop or a Black Friday sale at an apparel store. This is a useful strategy because it differentiates you from local competitors without potential customers having to take the time to look you up. 

Plus, the sign indicating a sale can play a psychological role in attracting customers. The urgency of a sale or discount will entice them to go in and make a purchase.

Make Sure Your Storefront is Clean and Uncluttered

It’s vital to clean the windows on your storefront and make sure there aren’t any bikes or other items obstructing the doorway. It’s essential to clear and unclutter the storefront on a daily basis. This helps the store reflect a sense of professionalism to entice customers to come in. 

A messy storefront will either be unnoticeable or attract attention for all the wrong reasons. It can deter customers by showing them you are not taking the business seriously. With that in mind, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a clean storefront.

Have an “Open” Sign that Stands Out

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is keeping the signs hidden or using a color that blends in too much with the overall storefront color palette. It would be difficult to catch anyone’s attention. People are always on the go, so it’s imperative to have a neon “open” sign or something bright to capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers.

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Use Consistent Visual Branding

Make sure all of the above elements are cohesive. The idea of consistent visual branding is to ensure that the target audience understands your core message in an instant through cohesive visual branding.

For example, if you own a café called Coffee Meets Mug that emphasizes the love for coffee and great company, then you want a logo and message that focuses on these attributes. How nice would it be to have a picture of a smiling coffee pot pouring coffee in a laughing mug. This type of branding creatively reflects both the passion for coffee and meeting new people.


There are a variety of ways to attract new customers, but the best way to do it is through the storefront. Using a creative corporate sign, showing discounts and sales in front of the store, displaying beautiful items on the window, and much more can boost profit and sales.

With all of these tips and tricks, anyone can get on top of their competitors by changing their storefront. Contact us at Corporate Signs to get started creating a sign with quality branding and designs.

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